Capsule Collection Xochimilco

For the first time ever, Children Of Our Town releases a capsule collection following the "see-now buy-now" retail model, allowing our customers to buy the products right off the runway. As a new collection, we once again took our inspiration from one of our favorite neighborhoods in Mexico City: Xochimilco.

After our SS17 collection, also inspired by Xochimilco, we realized there was so much more we could extract from the 18 barrios that compose this neighborhood. The Lake of Xochimilco is one of the most iconic spaces in the area, intricate canals that surround hundreds of islands with its own private ecosystem. This time the collection not only revolves around the natural side of the barrios, but the architectural wonders you can visit. We once again created a pattern representative of the vegetation in the area, and introduced a carefully treated denim with asymmetrical designs, to evoke the traditional yet contemporary architecture of the houses.